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canola oil benefits

About Us

Marica International, a brain child of three business geniuses starves to achieve eminence in the field of numerous businesses starting from the oil industry. With the vision, innovation and strong leadership of these three, the company has a contemporary approach to its various area of expertise.Started in 2012, the company is standing on four pillars of success a specific intent, a clear vision, a plan of action, the ability to maintain clarity Kick starting with Conliva, the brand has a special approach towards bring the best to it consumers. The company targets to expand its business to various another categories starting from oil. Following the mantra of 'healthy life is a great life', its first product, Conliva Canola oil is a health and nutritious food option for people of all ages.

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Benifits of Canola oil

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healthiest cooking oil

Facts of Fats

1. Fat: building block
2. Essential fats
3. Fats for Hormones and cholesterol
4. Fats: flavor carrier

Nutritional benefits of Canola oil

Canola oil is high in energy; 100 g of oil provides 884 calories, however high ratio of mono unsaturated fatty acid to saturated fatty acids makes it healthy oil for consumption.

Benefits of Canola in cooking


Canola oil and heart disease

The simplest and most basic way that canola oil contributes to good heart health is by offering people a heart-healthy alternative. By using canola oil as a substitute in recipes that call for cholesterol-raising fats, people can reduce their saturated fat intake.

Why everyone love Canola Oil

healthy cooking oil

Conliva Recipe

Conliva canola oil is not just best for your heart but makes your food delicious

healthiest cooking oil
the best cooking oil
healthy cooking oil